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Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet CuttingsSplendid Stone and Tile provides water jet cutting services to the greater Los Angeles, CA area. We are proud to feature our water jet cutters as one of the equipment staples in our Stone Fabrication and Tile Installation processes.

Historically known as the, “Valley of Smoke”, Los Angeles is fighting the growing environmental impacts of exhaust caused by vehicles, airplanes, shipping and poor manufacturing practices. Water jet cutting does not involve anything other than- water. That means- no exhaust. Water jet cutting is an eco-friendly process. As well as being a “green” option, water jet cutting is also extremely fast and precise.

The precision that water jet cutting provides allows for clients to request complex and detailed customization options for their luxury surfaces.

What is water jet cutting and how does it work?

Water jet cutting is a fast, environmentally friendly material cutting process. Our masons use it for natural stone and tile surfaces.

The tool used in the process is called a water jet cutter. The cutter works by pushing water through a nozzle at a high-speed rate. The stress of the water stream on the material creates an accurate, precise cut. The water flow can be easily modified depending on the material being worked with- this allows water jet cutters to be used for fragile options such as glass, stone and ceramics.

Water jet cutters are unparalleled in their ability to accurately cut designs from these more delicate materials.

The results and tolerances that are achieved from water jet cutting are more exact than the ones you’ll get with typical saws and CNC machinery.

Since the cutters do not use heat when interacting with the material they also do not warp the structure of the surface.

How Does Water Jet Cutting Benefit You?

You get fast results that have been achieved using “green” technology. That means that your product is part of the solution. Water jet cutting is a faster and more detailed method for cutting through many more traditionally brittle/delicate materials. This allows your stone and fabrication jobs to be done faster, gives you more range when it comes to material selection and more freedom for design creativity.

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