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Splendid Stone and Tile is a family owned and operated business located in sunny North Hollywood, CA. We have been serving the greater Los Angeles area with the highest, premium quality tile installation and stone fabrication services since 1983.

In addition to fabrication and installation- we provide hands on project consultation to residential and commercial clients looking to make smart material selections, renewal and repair services for those distressed tile floors and walls, honing and polishing to help you upkeep your stone surfaces and so much more! Please take a look at our services page to view the full menu of options we offer.

Who Are Our Many Elite and Happy Clients?

  • Nikita Restaurant (Malibu, CA)
  • Nobu Restaurant (Malibu, CA, Newport Beach, CA))
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Hilsstone Restaurants (Nationwide)
  • Sephora (Nationwide)
  • Hillcrest Golf Club (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Sofitel Hotel (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Neiman Marcus Department Store(Topanga Canyon, CA)
  • Cedars Sinai Medical Center (Los Angeles, CA)
  • TV Personality Simon Cowell (Beverly Hills, CA)
  • Actress Nicole Kidman (Los Angeles, CA)
  • South Beverly Grill (Beverly Hills, CA)
  • Halle Berry Home (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Jason Statham Home (Los Angeles, CA)
  • 72 Market St. (Venice Beach, CA)
  • Emporio Armani, Rodeo Dr. (Beverly Hills, CA)
  • United Artists Theater (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Emporio Armani (Beverly Hills, CA)
  • Vanessa Seward (Melrose Place, CA)
  • Tiffany (Beverly Hills, CA)
  • More Happy Clients…

With the latest in imported Italian precision machinery equipment, a high end facility (working with the most innovative material options on the market) and more than 30 years of experience- Splendid Stone and Tile’s installation and stone fabrication team of trained masons, cutters and installers will cut virtually any custom design out of even the most exotic and hard stone, glass or marble.

If you’re a homeowner or business looking for a tile installation company that offers great attention to detail and dedicated customer service- look no further. Our team will work with you and for you to meet your specific needs and wants. It takes skilled professionals to meet strict deadlines and obtain precision stone cutting tolerances.

We have the training, work ethic and artistic creativity to see your next project through, and our masons will leave you with satisfaction that will last a lifetime.
At Splendid Stone and Tile, we take the time to do the job right. We clearly explain our process, give you real answers that help you make an informed decision, and we encourage our customers to

Clients are invited to visit our workshop and get a feel of our team and material collection. We understand how important every purchase is to you and the goal is to make sure that each slab or tile is finished off by hand, and inspected for blemishes, imperfections and even the most imperceptible mistakes.

No job is complete until the splendid stone or tile is installed, polished and your are satisfied.

We offer wide selection of tile and natural stone, we also import unique stone slabs and from around the world (Italian tile, Spanish tile, Israeli tile and more!)

What Are Some Of The Stone and Tile Material Selections Available?

Our team is not only experienced, professional, and honest- but was handpicked from only the best local artisans! Give us a call, the difference is going to be splendid!


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