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Quartz InstallationSplendid Stone and Tile provides the Greater Los Angeles, CA area with durable, contemporary Quartz kitchen countertops and surfaces.

Our team of installation experts is the first to be recommended by Caesarstone Quartz when it comes to the precise and quality installation of your new quartz surfaces in Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and nearly all LA County. They have been referring clients here for years, because we are at the top of the industry. Just take a look at our splendid portfolio to see the difference that years of experience and knowledge bring to the table when you are looking for excellent residential and commercial quartz installation.

What is quartz?

Quartz is the second most commonly found mineral in the earth’s continental crust. Imagine that very deep below Los Angeles, CA is the key to modern, long lasting kitchen countertops. The quartz composite that is used for home surfaces is commonly called “engineered quartz/stone” because it is actually a fabricated stone—not a 100% natural product; the standard composition for engineered quartz/stone is 93% mineral quartz, and 7% filler (coloring pigments, resins).

How does quartz compare to granite?

Quartz is an engineered stone that is nonporous and more forgiving than granite when it comes to daily spills, stains, and chips; because of its synthetic nature, you can find quartz in a wide range of colors, designs, and styles. The sky’s really the limit with this material and it gives you a lot of creative freedom to select pigments that help create specific looks.

The components of quartz allow for more flexibility than natural stone when it comes to establishing a solid, uniform style. If you are looking for a more natural, organic feel for your countertops, then granite is really the way to go—no two slabs are ever the same; the colors and veins of every piece are unique.

What are the maintenance benefits of quartz?

If you are looking for something that must withstand frequent use and a little clumsiness—quartz counters are the best minimum maintenance way to go.

Since engineered quartz is also less porous than stones like granite—the lower porosity makes quartz a more forgiving material than others, particularly granite, when it comes to handling stress and wear.

You do not have to worry as much about creating abrasions with your household cleaning products, since quartz does not require a sealant in the first place. In general, it is always recommended to use surface cleaners that are especially made for kitchen countertops, to best prevent any deterioration or damage.

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