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Stone and Tile Fireplaces

Fire PlacesSplendid Stone and Tile provides custom, original fireplace remodeling and tile design services to the greater Los Angeles, CA area. Fireplaces can serve as the heart of your home or business. When you think of a fireplace maybe you get that cozy feeling inside, maybe you’re thinking sleek, modern luxury. No matter what kind of aesthetic you are hoping to achieve our skilled team of professionals and masons will help actualize your design desires.

From the planning of your project, to the material selection, fabrication, installation and beyond- we make sure that your experience is as easy and comfortable as possible. Our masons are here to make sure that the selections you make are correct for this high heat home element and your aesthetic wants.

When dealing with fireplace design or remodel it is really important to be cautious about your material and installation decisions. Splendid Stone and Tile makes sure to use fire-resistant and certified tile for insuring your safety. There is a fire risk associated with any wood or fuel burning appliance. This is one simple reason to choose a professional and experiences installer to work on your home fireplace.

Prior to beginning the tile installation on your fireplace the chimney should be inspected. It is also crucial to clean the area of any flammable scraps or debris (papers, etc.)

Fireplaces can be integrated into any design style, because there is such a wide variety of stone and tile materials available. There is an option of stacked stone or cast stone- you can add beautiful finishing touches and accents with mosaics and other intricate tile patterning. Imagine creating a fireplace hearth with marble, granite or luxury imported tile. The fireplace can really add a wonderful touch to any space.

What Are the Best Material Options for Fireplaces?

  • Natural stone slabs are a great option for a more modern fireplace look. The smooth, flat surface is simple and bold.
  • Ceramic and glass tiles offer the options of creating intricate designs and patterning. You can create a large variety of motifs. An especially popular option is doing beautiful, colorful mosaic work. When it comes to tile- bet it stone, ceramic or glass; there are endless ways to cut and arrange the materials to make the perfect fireplace look for you.
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Let’s work together to make a splendid fireplace.