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Bio Glass FabricationElegant as marble or rugged as stone, Bio-Glass stands up to wear and tear so well that you would never guess it was made from glass.

Splendid Stone and Tile is proud to be one of the select businesses in Greater Los Angeles, CA that fabricates Bio-Glass surfaces. Our advanced equipment, highly trained staff and impeccable warehouse provide the exceptional environment necessary to work with this modern material.

What is Bio-Glass?

Made from 100% recycled glass products, Bio-Glass is a design industry breakthrough. It is a practical and sustainable solution to minimizing waste without compromising on taste. This is the perfect option for those looking to find a sustainable, no-fuss option.

Why Should I Choose Bio-Glass?

Bio-glass is a powerful step in the “green” direction—especially for all of us here in Los Angeles. Approximately 80% of the city’s waste is currently disposed of in landfills instead of being properly sorted and optimized for recycling. Imagine how much we can reduce this waste by making more socially conscious decisions? Today’s consumer can play a part in the reduction of negative environmental practices in Los Angeles, California, the United States and beyond. Every decision made toward reducing the footprint on the planet helps push green and sustainable practices to become the industry standard.

What are the Benefits of Bio-Glass?

It is an excellent option for consumers on the go who are looking for material with character and a high-end look but that does not require much maintenance. These days, every minute counts and Bio-glass helps you save time and support the environment all in one. Bio-glass is a structural and durable material that keeps its integrity over time. It is a low upkeep surface that does not require more than your basic household cleaners—spray some Windex, wipe, and you have a sleek surface that keeps its integrity over time.

How is Bio-Glass Fabricated?

Bio-glass is fabricated by melting and compressing recycled glass products into layers. The result of this process is a solid, glossy, and attractive surface that always appears illuminated. Every slab is different and has its own unique aesthetic. Bio-glass typically comes in translucent whites, greens, and browns. The color is determined by the type of glass used in the manufacturing process. The lighter slabs are primarily made from glass which has been salvaged direct from business—an example of this would be a broken glass vase or glass bowl that has not reached the consumer yet. Darker slabs are made from primarily consumer recycled products—imagine the empty bottle of wine on your counter: it has the potential to be transformed into something truly remarkable.

Bio-glass rescues our waste. It can be fabricated using the same tools that are used in fabrication process of natural stone and can be used in the same places where you typically find natural stone. It gives you the option of creating green surfaces for your counters and floors—its versatility helps transform your space into a refined, positive environmental solution.

Bio-glass is an option which provides a full cycle solution. It gives you form and function that surpass any other product on the market. Your countertop is more than a simple surface—it is part of a powerful trend that allows us to protect the earth. If you feel like switching out your bio-glass surface, it will get recycled and continue to contribute to progress.

Let’s work together to make your design vision come to life—let’s make something splendid and eco-friendly.

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