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Ice Stone FabricationSplendid Stone and Tile provides Greater Los Angeles, CA with the versatile, eco-friendly surface option: IceStone.

We are one of the few businesses in Los Angeles County that is at the forefront of the stone and tile industry when it comes to working with the latest sustainable materials on the market.

Clients are invited to visit the warehouse in North Hollywood, CA to take a look at the best natural stone, quartz, tile, bio-glass and IceStone options you can find.

A professional will work with you to make the best material decision for your next project!

What is IceStone?

IceStone is an elegant, recycled surface option that brings brightness and beauty to any residential or commercial surface—kitchens, bathrooms, vanities and more. It is a strong material that can work to add an excellent touch of design to both interiors and exteriors.

The typical make up of IceStone is about 75% recycled glass, 15-20% cement and 5-10% pigments and organic fillers.

A well installed IceStone kitchen countertop or general surface can really liven your space. Our skilled installation experts will make sure that your surface is properly installed, polished, sealed and waxed to give you the best possible IceStone surface aesthetic and durable results.

How does IceStone compare to granite, marble, quartz, and bio-glass surfaces?

  • IceStone leaves a smaller footprint than granite or marble—which are not in unlimited supply on our planet; its recyclable nature makes it a truly more environmentally responsible option. Similar to its natural stone counterparts, it is also easily susceptible to stains and scratches.
  • Although IceStone is not a naturally occurring material option it separates itself from quartz, which is made with inorganic resins. IceStone proudly contains only natural fillers.
  • Unlike Bio-glass, it is not only made of recycled glass materials, but it also contains a percentage of cement and pigments.

What should I know before selecting IceStone material?

    • It is a partially porous material because of the cement content, and it is recommended to apply a sealant to the surface regularly. The industry standard for optimal iceStone surface longevity is to do a resealing twice a year and a waxing approximately two to three times a year to avoid permanent stains, scratches, and unsightly damages.
    • IceStone is particularly praised for its many design options. There are over 20 design varietals of IceStone that vary in their luminescence—it is easy to find an IceStone that will work with your unique style.

In addition to this material selection, we offer a wide assortment of splendid services and materials.