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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom ShowersSplendid Stone and Tile provides the greater Los Angeles area with high-end bathroom stone and tile selection, fabrication, and installation, and is the perfect choice for your bathroom remodeling needs.

Your bathroom is truly one of the most important spaces in your home, and a fresh new stone or tile look can enliven and brighten your bathroom walls and floors. With thousands of options to choose

from with varying degrees of durability and design, it is important to examine your needs and lifestyle to pick the very best option for you.


Are you looking for something traditional? Something zen? Beverly Hills is home to 34,290 occupants who desire a luxurious feel to their bathroom, and Splendid Stone and Tile delivers. Our skilled team of professionals will work with you closely to make sure that your bathroom remodeling vision is implemented efficiently and precisely.

What Are The Best Materials For Bathroom Design and Renovation?

The one thing that is critical when selecting material for your bathroom remodeling project is moisture. We all know that the bathroom is going to get wet, so the options that you make should take into account that simple fact. Tile and stone are the common choices for bathrooms because they do a good job withstanding the impact of constant moisture.

• Ceramic and porcelain tiles opens up a world of home design possibilities for bathroom floors, and it provides a great opportunity to mix and match sizes and styles. Our team is able to import tiles from across the globe so that the look you are hoping to achieve, whether it’s an elegant bathroom vanity or a modern bathroom tub, can be accomplished.

• Natural Stone is the best option available if you are looking for variety and extravagance in your bathroom remodeling project as it comes in a variation of textures and colors. Travertine is a popular choice as well as honed natural stone because it provides traction to counteract slippery wet floors.

Once you’ve enlisted Splendid Stone and Tile to assist you with your bathroom remodeling project, the professional team will embark upon a complex process to bring your dream to life.

How To Remodel Your Tub

• Removing Old Bathroom Fixtures:

Faucet handles, tub spout, and shower-heads will all need to be removed. The existing tile surrounding the tub will also need to be extracted.

• Repairing Fundamental Wall and Surfaces:

The underlying wallboard may need to be repaired before your bathroom remodeling project can really get underway. Any loose paint will be removed, along with any rotten or moldy drywall.

• Bathroom Tile Measurements:

The professional representative will then measure the height and width of the walls set to be re-tiled. Then they will lay out the tiles horizontally on a tarp in a dry run to see how they sit on the joints. After the team member has made sure measurements are exact, they will start laying the tile working from the center out.

• Applying Tile:

The representative will begin applying the tile one grid at a time. They will spread the special adhesive in small areas and push the tile into place. To make sure the tile is completely flat, the representative will use a grout float or rubber mallet to ensure even pressure. As the tiles are set, they will be cleaned as well.

• Cutting Tile:

This is the most precise and critical aspect of the project. Using a tile cutter, the representative will make the tile straight and even before sliding it into correct place.


Bathroom Vanity and Countertop Remodeling Tips

• Height range for bathroom vanities range from 29 – 36 inches.

• Use two different types of tile to make your bathroom vanity backsplash pop.

• Porcelain tile is a practical and durable option for your counter-tops.

• For a more natural look, try glazed ceramic tile on your bathroom vanity for a seamless appearance.

• Don’t be afraid to go bold with your countertop design – unique shapes and bright colors will give your new bathroom an exciting feel.

Bathroom remodeling projects can be a huge undertaking, especially for the 63,000 residents of Woodland Hills trying to keep up with their neighbors. So let’s work together to make your bathroom renovation a splendid one!

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