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Natural Stone Honing & Polishing

natural-stoneSplendid Stone and Tile provides stone grinding, honing and polishing restoration services in addition to its stone fabrication services. Our refinishing processes will leave you with a surface that looks stunning and brand new! It takes a true expert to restore your stone. Our staff is trained and licensed to get the job done. You can view our exceptional results by visiting our testimonials gallery. There are a lot of elements that can lead to stone deterioration and damage. For example, when you are using stone for exteriors- especially in the Los Angeles, CA area you have to take into account factors like air pollution. The pollution can darken your surfaces which in turn makes them absorb more heat. In general, sudden temperature shifts can cause expansion or contraction of the material which may lead to stone fractures. It is important to pick a stone material that works best for your environment and lifestyle. That’s why every project at Splendid Stone and Tile begins with a one on one consultation.

What are the Grinding, Honing and Polishing Processes?

  1. Stone Grinding: an abrasive grinding tool (type is chosen depending on material) is used to flatten the stone base; it removes deep, fine scratches from the surface to reveal a “fresh” material base. Grinding is typically done when the severity of the damage is more than average.
  2. Stone Honing: some of our projects begin with this step- honing stone is a less harsh method than the grinding process but the goal for both is similar- create a flat, flawless stone surface. Honing is the best place to start for minor to moderate stone damage.
  3. Stone Polishing: this is the part of the process where we restore the luster to your damaged stone! The base surfaces is polished to create a clean, new look. After the polishing is complete, a sealant is applied to protect the stone from easy damage.

What Can Be Done to Extend the life of Natural Stone?

Sometimes your beautiful stone surfaces will begin to lose their shine. The most common reason that stone surfaces begin to lose their shine and luster is poor maintenance procedures and heavy everyday use. Often times we don’t notice the little things we do that contribute to the deterioration of our surfaces. When you use incorrect cleaning products the harsh chemicals will leave behind circles that look like water stains- but unlike water you will not be able to wipe these spots away. Imagine that your stone is like a sponge- it soaks in all of the stresses of your daily use. Proper maintenance and stone selection is key.

Tips for Cleaning Stone Surfaces:

  1. Use coasters and trivets when putting mugs, pans or other hot containers on your stone surface.
  2. Avoid “dragging” items across stone floors that may cause scratches.
  3. Clean surfaces with a neutral cleaner or product specially made for stone cleaning purposes.
  4. When cleaning stone bathrooms use a non-acidic product, if you prefer to use ammonia for cleaning the bathroom stone then it must be diluted with an adequate amount of water. (Note: Never mix ammonia and bleach- in general, this can cause a very dangerous gas).
  5. For outdoor stone surfaces like Jacuzzis and pools, a mild bleach should be used to remove any grime and algae build-up.

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