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Tile Staircases

Tiled StairsSplendid Stone and Tile provides superb staircase and step remodeling and design services to the greater Los Angeles, CA area. Los Angeles is known for its “Secret Stairs”- stairwells hidden within the city that lead to astonishing Los Angeles neighborhoods that many Angelinos have never even seen. Imagine creating a beautiful secret staircase that leads to a hidden and amazing space in your home or business. Maybe you’re looking for something more grandiose? Eye-catching? Baroque? Our professional team will work with you to accomplish your vision.

The staircase is a truly important design element of your home or business and can be the focal point to presenting your own design personality.We can modify current staircases or build from scratch. Every project begins with a one on one consultation to determine your needs and wants. It is a crucial step in the material selection, fabrication and installation of the stone and tile for the tiled stairs and steps.

How to Choose the Right Stone and Tile for Stairs?

The first thing to understand is that whichever material you select for your staircase- it must be durable. Stairs and staircases are high traffic areas that should be able to handle the stress of frequent use.

    • Tile is definitely a durable material and it allows for so much room to be creative with color, pattern and design. Since tile is laid in individual sections the options for variation are endless. However, tile can be slippery- especially if you have damp feet or socks on. It is important to consider this factor and how it plays into your lifestyle.
    • Natural Stone has historically been one of the most elegant and extravagant options for staircases. When you’re working with stone, every slab is unique. There are no two stones that are the same. Marble staircases have historically been a symbol of opulence and flair.

Custom Designed Stair Styles:

      • Straight Stairs
      • Quarter Landing Stairs
      • Half Landing Stairs
      • Winder Stairs
      • Arched Stairs
      • Spiral Stairs
      • Compact Stairs

Stair Safety!

It is very important to choose and expert when installing stairs. Poor installation practices can lead to over slippery surfaces which may cause injury. Before choosing a material option or installer it is key that you let them know about your home and the persons living in it. Splendid Stone and Tile is always mindful about making sure that your options are safe and stable- our goal is to give you a splendid and stable staircase that fits you.

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