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Marble Flooring: Should I?

Marble Flooring: Should I?

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Marble Flooring: Should I?

When going for the aesthetic gusto on your floor remodeling project, you would be hard-pressed to find anything better than marble flooring. It speaks of refinement, and has been the natural stone of choice for some of history’s most iconic pieces of architecture and art.

But the question is: Is marble flooring right for my home? We will examine the pros and cons of marble flooring to help you make the right decision.

Marble Flooring Benefits

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Marble is bio-degradable, so even if down the road you decide to update your floors yet again, the old marble won’t be sitting around, adding to pollution in a landfill.

  • Color Schemes

    Color possibilities for marble flooring are virtually endless. Single and multiple color scheme options are available, and given marble’s snowflake-like characteristic with each tile’s unique look, your pattern will be one-of-a-kinda.

  • Light Complement

    When the right light hits an already perfectly polished marble floor, it gives a shine that simply cannot be matched.

Undesirable Aspects of Marble Flooring

  • Damage

    Marble floors are susceptible to scratches, and can accumulate quite the collection of scuffs. Repairing these scratches is no easy task.

  • Price Tag

    Marble is among the most expensive stone flooring materials around, costing between $5-10 per 12″x12″ tile.

  • Maintenance

    Marble floors can also experience some serious stain damage. To avoid this, the floor can be sealed with chemicals recommended by the manufacturer. However, you will need to re-seal the floor on a regular basis of every six to twelve months.

There are other factors to consider when deciding if marble is right for your flooring project. You also view alternatives to marble at our stone fabrication page.