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Common Stone installation Errors

Common Stone installation Errors

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Common Stone installation Errors

If you are attempting to install stone tile yourself, do not fall victim to these common errors. As always, it is best to hire a professional like Splendid Stone and Tile for tile installation jobs, but if you have experience installing tile and feel confident doing it on your own, then remember to review these tips below.

Not Preparing Properly

Properly prepping the floor is crucial. All surfaces need to be structurally sound, clean and level before any work can begin.

Not Using the Correct Grout

Use the correct mortar or grout that is made for the type of tile you install. Be sure to check what your tile is compatible with.

Not Knowing the Layout

It is important to know what type of design you want and also know the dimensions of the floor area and how it will flow. You should map out the cuts and everything before you begin permanently laying things down.

Uneven Installation

Make sure each tile is even. This ensures proper installation and an even surface.

Sealing the Tile Too Soon

If the tiles are sealed before the mortar cures, then moisture can become trapped.

Never Add Water to Mortar

If you have already mixed the mortar, do not added more in a partially cured bucket. Always mix new mortar so it is not old and everything has the same consistency.

Get a Waterproof Sheath

It is a good idea to get waterproof film over the tile for protection.

Make Sure Tiles are Evenly Spaced

Place spacers between each tile to ensure each is spaced the same in-between.

Our Stone & Tile experts are always willing to help.

If you need assistance with tile installation, or simply have any other questions, be sure to reach out to Splendid Stone and Tile!