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Understand Soapstone & It’s Value in Remodeling

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Understand Soapstone & It’s Value in Remodeling

Soapstone is a unique type of stone that can be used in fireplaces, kitchens or bathrooms. It is a non-porous type of stone that does not stain from things like wine, juices, etc. In addition, it is resistant to heat and will not crack or burn, even if hot pans or plates are set on it. Since it repels water, most people love using soapstone in showers and bathtubs.

Soapstone is formed in parts of the ground where the tectonic plates meet, generating great heat and pressure on the material.

Where Does it Get Its Name?

Soapstone is a rock that got its name due to its sometimes soapy feel. It is made up of talc, so its surface seems very chalky, even after it has been polished by machines. It is made with mineral oil gives it its luster and beautiful look.

Soapstone Texture

The texture of soapstone varies, but it is generally considered a softer stone than granite. Actually, if a slab of soapstone is too hard to even be scratched with a knife, then it will no longer be considered soapstone. Soapstone, in the past, has been made into food bowls, pipes and cast molds. And, today, it is still carved into “whiskey stones.” Whiskey stones are polished cubes of soapstone that can be frozen and placed into a glass of whiskey instead of ice because they never melt and water down the drink.

If you are considering installing soapstone in your home or business, call Splendid Stone and Tile today.

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