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Why Choose Soapstone Counters for Your Los Angeles Kitchen Remodel

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Why Choose Soapstone Counters for Your Los Angeles Kitchen Remodel

Often times during a kitchen remodel, the homeowners want white cabinets and a dark countertop. Soapstone is a great choice if you are looking for a darker countertop. Many people have never heard of soapstone or are scared to use it because it is considered to be so soft. Soapstone offers a really great, unique look. Soapstone is a soft, natural stone that does feature qualities that make it great for countertops. It typically comes in grey, blue, green or brown hues. Contrary to popular belief, soapstone has many desirable properties.

Soapstone gets its name from its super soft and “soapy” feel. It is a metamorphic rock that is composed mostly of talc and other minerals, including chlorite, micas, carbonates and more. Talc alone is very soft, however, when combined with other minerals, it becomes very durable and features unique properties. It is very dense and non-porous. This means it won’t stain, like natural stone countertops do. In addition, your household acids like tomatoes, wine, grape juices, etc. won’t alter the look of the countertop. The surface darkens when the liquid pools up, but once the liquid is wiped up, it returns to its original color.

Soapstone is also heat resistant. Because it is so dense, it conducts heats, allowing it to withstand high temperatures without any damage. This means you can set a hot pan directly on the countertop and not have to worry about it burning the surface. Soapstone also repels water.

If you are considering soapstone installation in your kitchen (or bathroom), reach out to one of the experts at Splendid Tile & Stone today. We have several years of experience installing all types of stone in homes, including soapstone. We offer free consultations and work until you are completely satisfied.

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