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8 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Los Angeles Home

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8 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Los Angeles Home

Are you looking to get the best return on your investment possible? One of the top ways to add value to a home is curb appeal. This will add value and attract potential buyers. Plus, it makes your home look really great.

Get big windows and CLEAN them! If you already have large windows, one of things people tend to do is neglect them. Take the time to clean them or hire a professional to come clean them, trust me, it helps. If your home doesn’t have very many windows or you just want bigger windows, consider adding them. Letting natural light into your home through windows is a real selling point.

Consider sprucing up your front door. Having a nice front door is a huge welcoming sign. If your door needs painted or is dull, consider repainting it or changing out the knobs. Some people just replace the entire door to give their home an entirely new look.

Remove rotting wood! This should be a given, but some people don’t care to fix the wood that is deteriorating on the outside of their home. This is not eye-appealing and could lead the potential buyer to believe the neglect is a sign of other problems wrong with the home.

New roofs always help. Get your roof and gutters repaired so they can withstand the elements.

Fix the patios or pathways. Do you have cracked cement on your sidewalk? Get this fixed, it is not only a hazard, but it always lowers the value of the home.

Paint, paint, pain! Repaint the exterior of the home for a whole new look. Or you can retain the deck for more appeal.

Put up a fence. Privacy fences are always nice touches to homes.

Mow and lawn and keep a nice landscape. This is a big one in warm climates, such as Los Angeles. If you have grass and plants, make sure they are maintained.

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