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Los Angeles Home Renovations: Add Value to Your Home

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Los Angeles Home Renovations: Add Value to Your Home

Some renovations add value to your home; some don’t. If you are thinking about a Los Angeles home renovation, then you should do it wisely. In terms of return on investment, there are several remodeling projects that really don’t up the value of the home at all. To learn what a good investment is, you should put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. Things like updating a kitchen is never a bad choice. However, there are things, like adding a pool, that turn off potential buyers because they don’t want to mess with the maintenance and cost.

The Two Best Home Remodeling Projects

Kitchen Remodels

The kitchen is the heart of the home. New appliances, updated floors and backsplash are often the first things people look at in kitchens. A simple sink upgrade and higher quality countertop can go a long ways. Older floors, like linoleum, are a turn-off to buyers and lower the resale cost. Things like pantries and center islands in kitchens really boost the value of the home.

Bathroom Remodels

The bathroom is another great spot to remodel. It is a sure way to increase the value of your home. Old tubs and floors significantly lower a home’s value. Think about installing stone backsplash in the tub and tile flooring, as these small upgrades really pay off. New light fixtures and an updated vanity also add value. It is good to stick with neutral colors in bathrooms.

In addition, there are several other things that add value to your home, but the top two are kitchen and bathroom remodels. The remodel often includes new stone or tile flooring or backsplash. If you need help with a renovation, reach out to the team at Splendid Stone and Tile!

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