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Advantages of Tiled Staircases in Your Los Angeles Home

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Advantages of Tiled Staircases in Your Los Angeles Home

So, you’ve upgraded your kitchen and bathroom with tiled backsplash, but what about your staircase? Tiled staircases are a beautiful design option for any home. Since a staircase is usually the focal point of the home, a creative tile staircase would add character and distinction to the area. There are several different tiled options to choose from for a staircase. Most people pick a fancy patterned tile, while others prefer a solid color. The look is entirely up to you!

Ideas for Your Tiled Stairs

Like two different colors or two different patterns, but can’t choose? Try alternating patterns on the stairs. This will give a unique look and each step can complement the other. You often see people using two or three different patterns or color options on their staircases when they go this route. You can also use a monochromatic color scheme in several different patterns. Using the same color, but different patterns helps tie the look together. A very popular looks is to actually use the same colors, but different patterns. For example, using black and white on all tiles but a different pattern on each step. This creates a very exclusive look.

Why People Choose Tile

People often favor tile for their staircases not only because of the unique design options, but because they are durable and require little maintenance. In addition, tiled floors are safer. This is because on tile staircases you can add profiles to the stairs for a slip-resistant surface. The profiles are stainless steel overlays that are adhered to the edges of the stairs.

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