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Advantages of Using A Local Stone Fabrication Company in Los Angeles

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Advantages of Using A Local Stone Fabrication Company in Los Angeles

Just like any aspect of home design and remodeling, having the job done locally – as opposed to a national chain or big-box store – has its advantages.

When it’s time to start that kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling project and you’re wondering if you should do business with a local company like Splendid Stone & Tile or a national chain, there are a few important matters you should consider.

First of all, although a national chain has the ability to showcase and market their product to make it look like you should be buying from them, a big-box store isn’t necessarily cheaper nor do they offer a wider variety of materials to choose from. If you are looking to use natural stone countertops, national chains usually offer only a basic selection. Splendid Stone & Tile offers a wide variety of stone fabrication choices like Granite, Quartz, Travertine, Marble, Onyx, Porcelain, Limestone, Bio-Glass and Ice Stone.

Pay attention to any special pricing at a national chain.

You may pay less for the actual stone, but could end up paying more in the end for any extra details you may want. At Splendid Stone & Tile we will answer any questions about pricing up front so you won’t be surprised by additional costs or extras that weren’t mentioned ahead of time.

Customer Service is another big difference between a Los Angeles stone fabrication company like Splendid Stone & Tile and a national chain.

We’ve all dealt with a less than personal customer service experience with big-box stores at one time or another. National chains are big and the employees who really do have knowledge are not always accessible or helpful. When you need to ask questions or need information from the experts at Splendid Stone & Tile, someone will always be available and glad to help. We emphasize quality and craftsmanship over high volume. Our local stone fabricators are experts in their field and concentrate on doing the best job possible so that we can continue to provide you service in the future.

We do, of course, recommend researching commercial or residential stone fabrication in Los Angeles to help make informed decisions. But just know that big-box stores have very few, if any, employees on hand who could be considered experts. Splendid Stone & Tile has maintained the business of some of the area’s most discriminating and knowledgeable customers, who demand the best, by our expertise.

Splendid Stone & Tile wants to be your choice when it comes to stone fabrication or other services like kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling.

We also specialize in hand crafted custom tile, tiled stairs, tiled fireplaces, exterior walls and flooring, waterjet cuttings and much more.

Splendid Stone & Tile services the Greater Los Angeles area including North Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Studio City, Santa Monica and nationwide. We know that your investment in your home is important to you and how much quality natural stone installation not only adds value to your home, but adds beauty to your life and gives you a sense of pride that you made the right choice.  Contact Splendid Stone & Tile today at 818-765-1665 to make your home more beautiful!

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