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7 Easy Steps to Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

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7 Easy Steps to Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

Having too much clutter or knick-knacks can definitely impact how big your room feels. To utilize and make your space look bigger, there are several things you can do when decorating. We will cover some easy steps that will have your room looking bigger than before in no time!

  1. Anything that takes the eye upwards when you enter makes the room feel bigger. You can achieve this by wallpapering or painting the ceiling. This makes the room look taller, and in return, bigger overall. You can also hang shelves near the ceiling to draw your eye upwards and create an illusion of more space.
  2. Painting your space a light color rather than a darker color always helps. The floors should have light-colored tiles, wood or carpet. In addition, the walls should be colored in light paints. If you really like a dark color, then consider painting a darker accent wall for a dramatic effect without making the space appear small. Dark colors absorb light instead of reflecting it, like light colors.
  3. When you push furniture against a wall it makes everything look cramped. Consider pulling furniture away from the wall to create the illusion of more space.
  4. Pick statement furniture and accents. Having a lot of small furniture items or small trinket decorations makes things crowded. Having a large couch instead of three other pieces of furniture will really make the room appear bigger.
  5. Stripes are your friend! Use a long striped rug or stripe the wall to elongate the space.
  6. Don’t put the curtains over your windows. If you leave them uncovered, it will give your room more depth.
  7. If you have ever heard that a mirror makes a room look larger, it is true. Using glass or Lucite items do not take up as much visual space and trick your mind into thinking the room is larger than it is. As far as mirrors go, placing a mirror across from a window is the best way to reflect light and make the room feel bigger.

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