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Choosing the Right Tile for A Shower

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Choosing the Right Tile for A Shower

In addition to giving character and vibrancy to your bathroom, shower tiles serve a very important purpose. They keep the drywall…dry. The only limit to your shower design is your own imagination, so whatever you are thinking for your next shower remodeling project, go for it! For choosing the right tile for a shower, you’ll find some helpful tips below.

  • Size Matters

    Choose your tile size based on the size of your shower. Patterned designs in smaller showers call for smaller tile, and vice versa for larger showers. Keep in mind, smaller tiles carry more traction as well.

  • How Does It Feel?

    If your shower will have a bench, think about how it will feel to sit on. Tiles that allow a curved edge will be much more comfortable to sit on and a far more pleasant feel for the backs of your legs.

  • Clean Freak

    Consider the upkeep your shower will require. Small mosaic tiles can be a bit of a pain to clean, whereas larger slabs are much less of a headache to maintain.

  • Looks vs. Longevity

    If you are looking to remodel your shower for the long haul, go with neutral colors and earth tones will keep you from having to update your shower tiles frequently just to keep up with trends.

  • Bring Out the Best

    If you have built-in shelves for your shower, consider using different styles of tile for the shelf frames for contrast to complement the rest of the shower design.

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