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Design Ideas for Stellar Stairs

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Design Ideas for Stellar Stairs

One should not overlook the importance of a quality staircase. It creates an aesthetic flow between the first and second floors in the home, and can really add that ‘pop’ that an otherwise bland residence may need for a little personality.

Adding a simple design to your stair riser design can go a very long way. It is easy to go a little over the top, but a classic look can speak volumes just as well. Whatever your style, here are just a couple design ideas for your stair remodeling project.

Stone Stair Treads

Granite is not just for countertops. A versatile stone option, you will find that granite makes an excellent material for stair treads, the part of the stair that is stepped on. Granite, as well as marble, are great choices for an elegant, modern design for your staircase. You can also use limestone.

Any natural stone you choose will be one of a kind, as no two natural stone patterns are alike. If a sleek, unique look is what you’re after, definitely go with natural stone for your stairs.

Stair Riser Tips

For stair risers – the part that separates one step from the next – using tile is a great way to let your personality and style really shine through. There are so many patterns and designs already available, not to mention those that haven’t even been thought of yet. If you can dream it, it can most likely be done.

Where a good natural stone tread can already bring an air of class to your stairs, using tile for the risers can accentuate their charm and refinement. Every style is different, and luckily there is a seemingly endless supply of designs to match each and every one.

When choosing a stone or tile for your stairs, keep in mind the amount of traffic you will be expecting, as well as safety concerns for those you will be inviting into your home. Tile can be used for the stair treads in addition to the risers, but you will want to be careful, as tile stair treads can be slippery at times, and this could pose an issue for houses with small children and elderly people.

View the gallery of a few examples below, and if you are feeling a little inspired, contact a professional tile installation and stair remodeling expert who can help you make your home look like new.


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