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Bathroom Tile Remodeling Tips

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Bathroom Tile Remodeling Tips

Bathroom tile remodeling is a task that should not be taken lightly. As one of the most heavily trafficked areas of the home or office, great care should be taken when going for a new tile design.

Stick to these simple guidelines and you will find yourself with a stellar new bathroom free of any future worries.

Bathroom Tile Floor Options

When you think of the bathroom, think of water. Especially in homes with small children, water tends to find its way out of its designated areas and onto the floor. Even for bathrooms in commercial settings where there is no tub or shower present, water somehow escapes the sink.

A good thought to consider for your bathroom remodeling job is what material will make for the easiest cleanup and avoid staining from occasional spills and drips. Glazed tiles are the best option for going the water-resistant route.

Avoid porous materials like natural stone. Even if sealed with moderate care, there is still potential for staining and damage in the long-term.

Water can also cause a slippery floor, so safety may be a point of concern if you have little ones running around. For this scenario, textured tiles would be a preferred choice. Bathroom tiles with grout lines offer a gripping feel, that helps you avoid the old slip-and-fall.

Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Bathroom Tile

Are you looking for a good throwback look? Subway tile for the shower is a great vintage design idea. Or maybe your bathroom is unintentionally outdated. In that case, update your bathroom floor with sandblasted Jerusalem gold tiles.

The possibilities are endless, just contact the professionals at Splendid Stone and Tile for a full range of options.

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